Sen. McCaskill pays for Cancun vacation with Schumer, Tester

Sen. Claire McCaskill dropped a cool $15,645 for some fun in the sun with her beach buddies from the Senate.

The Missouri Democrat footed the bill for Sens. Charles Schumer and John Tester as well as both of their spouses to join her family and friends for a winter vacation in Cancun last year.

According to Tester’s financial disclosure forms, McCaskill spent $7,410 to bring the Montana Democrat and his wife on the swanky trip. McCaskill also dropped $8,235 on Schumer and his spouse, according to the Senate Democratic leader’s own forms. It covered airfare, their hotels and food.

McCaskill did not disclose her own costs for the trip and she is not required to do so under Senate guidelines.

 Chuck Schumer joined Sen. McCaskill for a trip in Cancun last year.

 Chuck Schumer joined Sen. McCaskill for a trip in Cancun last year.

(J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

“This was a McCaskill family birthday celebration with family and personal friends, including colleagues, and the trip was publicly disclosed per Senate guidelines,” said McCaskill’s spokesman John LaBombard.

The Senate trio traveled to Cancun in February — McCaskill turned 63 last July, so the vacation did not coincide with her own birthday.

On Feb. 22 2016, the day her trip with Schumer and Tester ended, McCaskill revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She recently told KMVT that fighting breast cancer was one of the most uplifting moments in her career and that she intends to run for re-election in 2018, despite the diagnosis.

Not Released (NR)

Both Sens. John Tester and Chuck Schumer reported the trip in their financial disclosure forms.

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Republicans hoping to unseat McCaskill in next year’s race were quick to use the trip with Schumer and Tester as fodder and called her out for taking her pals on a “lavish all-expense-paid trip,” the St. Louis-Post Dispatch reported.

McCaskill is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, thanks in part to her husband, Josh Shepard’s slew of real estate holdings. The last major ranking of wealth including all 535 members was performed by the newspaper Roll Call in 2015. It placed McCaskill as the 21st wealthiest member of Congress at the time, with a net worth of just over 19 million.

Schumer’s office did not immediately return the Daily New’s request for comment.

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