Oprah Winfrey could be a Democratic king or queen-maker

You get a campaign contribution, and you get a campaign contribution, and you get a campaign contribution.

Buzz about Oprah Winfrey seeking the presidency makes for good TV. But a veteran Democratic organizer, whose résumé includes big fund-raisers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, says the billionaire media mogul is more likely to become a game-changer behind the scenes.

“They want her to get into politics — but behind someone with experience,” says that source, who’s been in contact with party members this week. “She could be a kingmaker or queenmaker — But can she be a queen?”

A grass-roots campaign urging Winfrey to consider a presidential run in 2020 sprouted after the former talk show host’s stirring speech at the Golden Globes Awards, in which she declared “time is up” for powerful men who torment women.

Trump says ‘I’ll beat Oprah,’ but doubts she runs against him

Like President Trump, Oprah Winfrey knows how to play to the media.

Like President Trump, Oprah Winfrey knows how to play to the media.


“She has the ability to be an incredible fund-raiser,” according to our fund-raiser, who notes how books Winfrey used to recommend on her talk show were all but guaranteed to become best-sellers. “She’s good. She’s great. This woman is a fireball of energy.”

Our inside-the-Beltway mole points out that like President Trump, Winfrey is comfortable on camera, understands media and knows how to promote. And she has one thing The Donald doesn’t have — friends.

“Think of all the stars who owe Oprah,” our insider said. “There’d be rows of them lining up to help.”

That source suggests Winfrey’s ability to sway politicians on a local level might even make her more influential than a President, but recommends that she lets potential opponents sweat.

‘The Boondocks’ predicted an Oprah 2020 presidency in 2006


Stars who ran for office

“You start by making people nervous that you’re going to be a candidate,” we’re told. “(Candidates) do this to put forward their own platforms.”

That’s when our strategist says someone like Winfrey could leverage more prominent candidates to support causes important to her on the condition that she’d join them rather than trying to beat them. Our organizer says the sooner the Democrats can get Winfrey involved — maybe even as a Democratic National Committee strategist — the better.

“The first thing the Democrats want to focus on is winning (Congress in) 2018,” we’re told. “If we’re talking about (Kirsten) Gillibrand or (Elizabeth) Warren in 2020 (for the presidency), that’s 2020.”


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