Family of five saved in rooftop rescue after Calif. mudslides

First responders are searching high and low for those trapped after deadly mudslides tore through fire-ravaged areas of Southern California on Tuesday.

Video from the Coast Guard shows the daring rescue of a family of five — including an infant, and two small children — and their pair of pups from the rooftop of their Montecito home.

They were among the 50 people rescued by helicopter following the deadly storm. Others reported waiting on their roofs for nearly an hour and watching as their homes and cars were consumed by the mudslides, CBS LA reported.

A member of the United States Coast Guard rescues a family from a roof in California on Jan. 9, 2018. 

A member of the United States Coast Guard rescues a family from a roof in California on Jan. 9, 2018. 

(U.S. Coast Guard)

Residents also pitched in with rescue efforts. A man, wished only to be identified as Mikey, trudged through the Montecito mud with a shovel in hand. He’d been searching since 5 a.m. Wednesday for his girlfriend’s missing sisters, Morgan and Corey Sawyer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Nearby, firefighters wading through mud and debris discovered a 2-year-old girl buried feet beneath the sludge triggered by record breaking rainfall in the area. Berkeley (Augie) Johnson, the Montecito resident who first heard the girl’s cries, told the Independent she looked like a “muddy doll.”


In this photo provided by Santa Barbara County Fire Department, U.S. Highway 101 at the Olive Mill Road overpass is flooded with runoff water.

(Mike Eliason/AP)

At least 15 people have been confirmed dead and another 25 injured since the mudslides began around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, Santa Barbara County spokeswoman Yaneris Muniz said. Officials have not yet identified any of those killed in the weather event.

The treacherous conditions have left hundreds still trapped, as responders and officials attempt to navigate the limited access caused by the debris and rivers mud flowing through Santa Barbara.

Muniz noted it’s unclear how many people are still missing, but officials said earlier at least two dozen people remain unaccounted for, CNN reported.

The storm also left a dozens of homes and buildings damaged, including Oprah’s residence there.

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