SEE IT: Netflix prototype lets you select videos with your mind

Mind control is the new black.

Using a brainwave-sensing headband, Netflix engineers claim to have rigged up a way to scroll through your queue, going all the way from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to “Zootopia” without ever lifting a finger.

Workers created the device, dubbed Mindflix, during the entertainment monolith’s annual Hack Day last week, in which employees get 24 hours to collaborate and come up with new technologies and ideas, according to Variety.

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All those headaches caused by the fourth season of “Arrested Development” were preparing you for this.

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This particular team figured out how to convert a Muse mediation headband to not only navigate the Netflix menu with head movements but also start an episode of, say, “Skin Wars” by thinking “play.”

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Other projects created during the most recent Hack Day include a way for users to donate to charities directly through the app after watching socially conscious titles and a way to actually see what your friends are watching at the same time you’re binging Werner Herzog documentaries.

However, a company statement cautions against expecting any of these innovations appearing in your living room.

“While we’re excited about the creativity and thought put into these hacks,” reads the press release, “they may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day.”


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