Lady Gaga roped into new Dr. Luke suit against Kesha

Dr. Luke’s war with Kesha is amping up again — now with Lady Gaga in the legal mix.

The superproducer filed new court paperwork Monday claiming Kesha “maliciously” defamed him when she texted Gaga last February alleging he sexually assaulted another female recording artist.

“She was raped by the same man,” Kesha’s text allegedly said, according to the filing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, claims Kesha either knew the content of her Feb. 26 text was false, or she acted with “reckless disregard.”

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“Gottwald did not rape Kesha, and he did not rape the other recording artist. Kesha made these false assertions for the malicious purpose of further damaging (his) reputation and business,” the filing claims.

Dr. Luke filed new paperwork Monday claiming Kesha “maliciously” defamed him when she texted Gaga last February alleging he sexually assaulted another female recording artist.

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“The exchange between the two women, along with other discovery revealed in this case, reflects a concerted effort by Kesha to blacklist Gottwald from the music industry on the false premise of her victim status, and to influence others in the industry to boycott Gottwald,” it states.

Dr. Luke is asking the court to add a defamation claim to his ongoing court battle with the 29-year-old “Tik Tok” singer.

Kesha, meanwhile, filed her own paperwork Monday — claiming Dr. Luke is maintaining a stranglehold on her career as revenge for her claims he sexually and mentally abused her.

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“While the parties are finally recording, to date, not one song has been approved, no release date has been set, and there has been no agreement on the critical issue of whether the album will be promoted commensurate with an artist of Kesha’s stature and historical success,” her filing claims.

“Kesha cannot be left indefinitely in the hands of Dr. Luke without the protection of the court or the intervention of Sony as a buffer between Dr. Luke and Kesha. Such a situation is completely untenable,” the paperwork states.

Kesha claims Dr. Luke breached their agreement and wants the court to terminate her contracts after the release of her third album.

“Due to Dr. Luke’s verbal abuse of and physical threats against Kesha, Kesha fears for her physical safety and psychological well-being. As a result, it is impracticable or impossible for Kesha to perform long-term under the KMI Contract and the Prescription Contract,” her new paperwork alleges.

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“Moreover, it is impracticable or impossible for Dr. Luke to exercise good faith in the performance of the contracts while a highly acrimonious, scorched earth litigation between the parties proceeds in parallel,” her filing says.

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