Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris

The pictures tell the story: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are a hot and happening couple right now!

The sizzling connection they had at the Met Gala has continued to make headlines, with them looking very attached, like they are meant to be together. And if their astro charts have anything to do with it, these two will be attached at the hip for while!

Taylor, born Dec. 13, a Sagittarian, is totally compatible with Tom’s Aquarian sign, born Feb. 9. They are career focused, but what’s fabulous for these two is that they have a mutual respect for each other’s goals, and the difference they want to make in the world through their careers.


Taylor Swift with now ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

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The other great thing is they are free to be themselves and do what they want, and don’t have a care in the world of what anyone else thinks. Wow, that’s powerful! This is one sexy couple!

Taylor Swift flies to England to meet Tom Hiddleston’s mom

The connection at the Met Gala was like a reconnection, as if they had met up before on an energetic level, either in this life, or even possibly in a past life. Soulmates? Very possible!

Now, of course, it’s not all fun and fantasy. Every couple has their challenges, otherwise, how would they ever grow? But the point is, will they grow together or apart? There are a number of challenging squares between them in their personal chart, a sort of balancing affect, which if they are serious about love they can compromise to make it work.

They can have high moments, but also lows, and if they can learn to appreciate the balance of being supportive and challenging with each other, it can work in the long-term.

Taylor and Calvin? Well, she’s a freedom-loving, spontaneous Sagittarian and he’s a more controlled and sometimes controlling Capricorn. Not an easy mix, which also makes intimacy somewhat difficult — I mean, true intimacy, not the lust kind.

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