Shocking photos show a zebra walking with a tribal spear in back

Harrowing pictures taken from afar by a group of tourists in Kenya, show a zebra strutting through a field with a tribal spear sticking completely through its body.

Voyager Larry Broutman and his tour guide Peter had been walking during their trip at The Maasai Mara National Reserve, when they spotted the group of African equids and noticed one in particular appeared unusual.

After getting a closer look through their binoculars, Broughtman saw the bloody pick poking through the animal.

The Chicago-born tourist told The Daily Mail in a recent interview that his guide and the rest of the group were “speechless” after getting sight of the incident, as they “had never seen anything” like it before.

“It was incredible to see the zebra walking and grazing with the other animals, it was as if nothing was wrong … We could determine that the spear was typical of a Maasai fashioned spear, but they had no idea who could have done something like this,” Broutman said.

The American excursionist also added the only thing he and the crew were able to do to help is inform the park’s officials.

The injured zebra was seen walking through the field with a group.

The injured zebra was seen walking through the field with a group.

(Caters News Agency)

“People have asked why we didn’t seek immediate help or put the zebra out of its misery, but the guides do not carry weapons and there are no vets nearby so all we could do was report it to the park rangers.”

After the group reported the matter to the rangers, they walked to a nearby Maasai family village to inform townspeople and show them the photographs captured.

“They were also shocked,” he told The Mail.

Broughtman returned to the park a few months later to inquire about the zebra, when he said the chief of the village greeted him with the same spear in hand, while sharing the sad news that the zebra hadn’t survived.

“We were told that a few days after we spotted the animal, one of their herders came across its remains including the spear and they saved it for us knowing of our plans to return,” he said.

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