A look at the bizarre events leading up to Casey Kasem’s death

While he was one of the most beloved and iconic personalities in radio, the last few months and days of Casey Kasem’s life were plagued with bizarre family drama.

As Casey, who would have turned 85 this week, quietly fought a battle against Lewy body dementia, a war was brewing between his three children from his first marriage and his current wife Jean Kasem.

The family strife would eventually become public, leading to stories about Jean isolating her husband and disappearing with his body.

Here’s a look at the odd events surrounding Casey shortly before his June 15, 2014 death:

Casey Kasem’s body moved to Canada: agent

Kasem gets abducted by his wife

In October of that year, Casey’s eldest daughter Kerri protested outside her father’s Los Angeles home claiming Jean was keeping her, her brother Mike and sister Julie from seeing the ailing “American Top 40” host.

Months later, in May, Jean was accused of checking a gravely ill Casey out of a Santa Monica hospital and taking him to Las Vegas.

Casey’s doctor said Jean was advised by medical professionals not to leave with her husband. She was also accused of stealing hospital equipment, apparently in an attempt to keep him alive on her own.

The legend passes on

Casey would die more than a month later, but not before Jean secretly flew him to her friend’s house in Washington state and got into a strange altercation with Kerri.

Casey Kasem’s wife threw meat at daughter: report

At the time, NBC reported that Kerri obtained a conservatorship but when she went to Jean’s friend’s house to have her father transported to a hospital, Jean threw a pound of raw hamburger meat at her.

Not Released (NR)

Casey Kasem’s kids were involved in a nasty legal dispute with the radio icon’s second wife.

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Casey was eventually transported to St. Anthony Hospital, where he died June 15 surrounded by Kerri and her brother and sister.

The icon is finally laid to rest

Just as it seemed the drama was coming to an end, Jean had the radio legend’s remains removed from the hospital to a nearby funeral home without his family’s permission. She then disappeared again, flying his body to Montreal and Norway.

His children alleged Jean fled the country in an attempt to escape their elder abuse claims. Six months after his death, Casey was finally buried at a cemetery in Norway much to the surprise of his children. In a Twitter post, Kerri alleged that her stepmother and Liberty, Casey’s daughter with Jean, had “conned” the cemetery into burying him.

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